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Royal Moving and Storage is now serving the great city of Houston.  As a leading moving company in Dallas with an impeccable reputation and raving reviews Royal Moving and Storage is the perfect choice for your out of state reloction.

Houston Movers

Royal Moving and Storage takes pride in its professional, trained, experienced movers and packers that goes through an extensive training to assure your hard earned possesions will be handled by the best workers in the industry.

Give us a call and our Houston Movers Team will make your next move your best move !



How to choose a moving company in Houston

Do a thorough research on different moving companies before making your final decision. Finally talk to the owner of the moving company of your choice. This will help you to generate confidence in the Houston moving company of your choice.

Moving from state to state requires you to have the necessary documents from the moving company. An order service document contains the entire details of the contract between you and the moving company. This will act as proof of you hiring the said moving company. It also contains the cost, date and time of loading the items and delivery.

A document on the budget of every item is provided by the moving company. This indicates how the total cost came about. In that case there is a breakdown on the cost of each and every item being moved. This will help you to estimate the cost of moving all the items.

A table of measurements document is provided to determine the weight and size of the items being moved. Therefore you will be able to calculate the weight and size of all the items being moved. You should thus choose a moving company that produces such official documents.

Essential questions for a moving company in Houston

In any situation, you should not be afraid to ask sensitive questions. Questions asked should be structured according to the area they affect. This means that there are questions under the estimates, insurance, payments and company records. For the estimates, your questions should be focused on the criteria used to estimate the costs and their validity in terms of time. In addition to that you should be able to ask for estimates on additional items or weight.

You should ask questions related to the extent of coverage of your items. In addition to that you should ask about the procedures for filing a claim in case you suffer the risks covered.

You need to ask questions about the acceptable mode of payments by the moving company. For example there is cash, money order and credit card among others. In addition to that you need to acquire information on the duration with which you should pay. This includes the date and time.

You finally need to ask about the details of the moving company. This includes when the moving company was established, whether it outsources or broker its services, whether it is a member of an organization and whether it is legally licensed to provide moving services among others. All these questions will help you to have a deeper understanding of the company you intend to hire. It will also avoid unnecessary inconveniences and misunderstandings that might come about during the process.

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