Moving Tips


Either across the street or across the country, moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Having a well-thought-out plan can ease this transition and allow things to run much more smoothly.

The Plan

A good moving plan should start with how the move is going to be done. This could be something as simple as renting a dolly to move next door or hiring a moving company to transport household goods to another continent. The key part to a good moving plan is to determine if it is better to hire a moving company or if it is a do-it-yourself job. Obviously, if the move is as close as across the street or even across town it would likely be more cost-
effect and easier to recruit a few friends or family members with pickup trucks. On the other hand, if the move requires more of a distance, it might be better to leave it to the professionals and hire a moving company.

Do It Yourself

To save money and the hassle of having to research the best movingcompany, many people choose to move themselves. The following is a list of steps to make the transition run smoothly in a cost-effective manner.

1. Packing Materials: Before going to the local Pack N’ Ship company to buy hundreds of dollars worth of boxes and packing materials that are just
going to be thrown away, the individual may want to consider visiting the recycling center or local hardware store for used boxes and old newspapers. Only grab a few boxes, especially if the transportation vehicle is small or if there isn’t a vehicle being used at all. Boxes and packing materials can always be unpacked and reused making for much less of a mess to clean up later.Also, do not tape the boxes shut. If boxes need to be closed, fold the edges over each other so that only one side of each edge is showing. Only tape the bottom of the box for support when carrying it.

2. Organize: Pick one room at a time. Pack all of the small items, ensuring that fragile items are packed carefully in padded materials, into the boxes
and set them aside. Once this is done, move all of the large furniture to their destination in the new location. Finish up by unpacking the boxes of small
items. Take the boxes back to the starting point and begin another room.

3. Cleaning: It is easier to clean up the old location after everything has been moved out of it. Remember to dust ceiling fans and ledges, wash
windows and walls, sweep and mop hard floors, clean out any appliances and cupboards and vacuum and shampoo any carpets. If there is a yard it is
a good idea to clean up any debris and to cut the grass. Dust off any large furniture prior to moving it to the new location. It is also a good idea to take
pictures of any damage to the new building prior to moving anything in to avoid any charges after moving out.

Leaving It to the Professionals

1. Finding the Right Mover: The internet is a wonderful tool for researching the best movers with the most competitive rates. Often times, moving companies will provide a free quote on their site. There are also multiple sites that offer reviews on various companies, although there is no way of determining the integrity of these sites as they are based strictly on opinion.

2. The Consultation: Once the moving company has been decided on a representative from the selected company will likely give an over-the-phone or in-person consultation. It is a good idea to have a list of large and high-value items and a price range ready for this consultation to save time.

3. During Packing: When the moving company is packing the house, they will keep an inventory of boxes and what is in them. These will likely be
labeled either on the box and/or with a sticker. A copy of the inventory list should be given to the owner. If this is not company policy, it is best to
request a copy prior to the movers leaving.

4. Unloading and Unpacking: Once the goods have reached their final destination the boxes will all be unloaded. The owner should instruct the movers on which room each box belongs in to ease unpacking. Large furniture should be brought in and assembled in their proper places prior to any small goods. Often times, the owner can request the movers to unpack and put everything away. If this is not the case, the easiest, most stress-free way to unpack is to do it one room at a time, put everything away in its proper place and move onto the next room. The kitchen is a good room to start with because people are likely to be hungry after all of that hard work. The owner should ensure that everything on the inventory list is present, if not he or she should contact the moving company immediately to solve this issue.

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